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What We Offer.

At The Training Ground, we believe in offering a comprehensive approach to fitness. Our programs are designed to challenge and motivate you, while also providing the necessary support to reach your goals. Whether you're looking to join one of our group classes, get nutrition coaching, join our run club, or work one-on-one with a personal trainer, we have everything you need to achieve your fitness journey.

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Client Success

My life has been forever changed since working with BB5 & The Training Ground Gym. From accountability to encouragement this team is all that and everything in between. I started my journey with BB5 hoping to use their nutrition knowledge to get my weight down & body in a healthy state. I started working with Jason through BB5 and was able to drop 30 lbs (still about 30lbs from my goal weight) by eating right, tracking macros, weekly text check-ups and monthly weigh-ins. Once this team opened Training Ground, I found my passion. Their workouts are tailored to any fitness level, any age, any capability. They care so much about the people they are training. They want you to train to be your best self, mentally & physically. Through my continued coaching from BB5 & my new gym regimen I dropped even more weight but kept building muscle. 

When I started this journey, my goal was to be skinny. Now I just want to be strong and be my best self. The little battles are fought in the kitchen. But the war is won in the gym. Build muscle, eat right, live life. 


The ride will be lifelong, but why not make it fun with a family outside of blood, who sweats with you, hurts with you, pushes with you, fails with you, wins with you, cheers with you, and ultimately loves you.

Dennae Hill, Owner of BREW & Due South




Unlimited Workouts & Yoga

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Unlimited Workouts & Yoga

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Unlimited Workouts & Yoga

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Unlimited Workouts & Yoga

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We strive to be the best trainers and coaches possible! We love hearing from you and would appreciate your positive feedback!

Erin England

I’ve been training with Heather, Jesse, and Jason for over 5 years. Not only are they excellent trainers but it’s evident the care and pride they’ve put into The Training Ground. This gym will take you to the next level- great atmosphere, great community, all the equipment, and challenging workouts!


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