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We aren't only a performance training gym, we're also a community. With the best rates you will find for exclusive trainings, top notch equipment and facility. ​ Leading all of this are the best coaches you can train with. Heather, Jason & Jesse are dedicated to make sure you see the results you want and get you there safely and timely. Monthly memberships starting at $135/month get you unlimited coaching, classes and open gym, why wait any longer?

Run Club

Coach Heather is an all star runner who has competed in some of the prestiges competitions from qualifying in the Boston Marathon to completing an Iron Man. She is a certified running coach dedicated to help you become the athlete you deserve to be.

 Small Group & 1:1 Personal Training

Certified trainers Heather, Jason & Jesse have been training for years, learning and developing the skills necessary to help those looking to start fresh, or those wanting to take their fitness to the next level in small groups or 1:1.

Nutrition Coaching

Jason & Jesse are certified nutritionist that have built out a 5 pillar program that's designed uniquely for each individual. They Have everything between meal plans, shopping lists and how to fast, or more importantly how to break fasts!

Youth Sports Strength & Conditioning 

Coaches Heather & Jesse have a passion for training up the younger generations in sports mechanics and body mobility and function. They help the young athletes who need help figuring out how to move in their bodies, to those looking to captain their varsity team.

Stretch & Mobility

This class will use modalities to help you stretch, increase mobility and have you moving better with myofascial release techniques.


Improve and maintain your flexibility in this relaxing class. We'll settle into some deep comfy stretches, focus on the breath and clear our minds. Foam rolling and balance practice will also be included to prepare you for the physical and mental challenges of Training Ground workouts! Bring your yoga mat and foam roller and come warmed up and ready to stretch by attending a workout first or spending some time on a bike or rower before class!

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