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Hug It Out

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Hug It Out

About the Event

Athletes will alternate in an I-Go-You-Go format to complete a snatch ladder. The reps will decrease as the weight increases. Athlete 2 will perform a bear hug until reps have been completed.



Mens RX: 50-55-60-65

Mens SC: 35-40-45-50

Womens RX: 35-40-45-50

Womens SC: 20-25-30-35

Slam Ball:

Mens RX: 60lbs

Mens SC: 40lbs

Womens RX: 40lbs

Womens SC: 30lbs

20 - Alt. DB Snatch (Weight #1)

15 - Alt. DB Snatch (Weight #2)

10 - Alt. DB Snatch (Weight #3) 5 - Alt. DB Snatch (Weight #4)

Athlete #2 - SB Bear Hug

Movement Standards

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